About Us

Who We Are

Cityworks Real Estate Solutions is a fast growing real estate development, investment and advisory firm. We are driven by deep insights that allow us proffer pragmatic solutions to our stakeholders.

The company came into operation in 2012. Our key objective was to provide quality real estate solutions for the emerging middle class. We focused on the growing opportunities in the real estate sector in Lagos and grew the business Year-on-Year.

We offer top quality real estate solutions at great value.

  • Mission

    To provide real estate solutions for the emergent middle class through an integrated mix of professional services.

  • Vision

    To become the most trusted real estate development, investment and advisory services firm in Nigeria.

Our Core Values

    • Service

      Our customers remain the focal point for all we do. We are interested in how they progress and so provide them with solutions that add value to their lives.

    • Knowledge

      We are an insight driven company. As people and markets change, new drives and motivations inform their choices. We constantly seek to understand these dynamics to help in the development of solutions that address consumer needs.

    • Partnership

      We believe in building mutually beneficial relationships.

    • Integrity

      We are professional and driven by high ethical standards. We take pride in a good name. We are reliable and can be trusted to do what we say.


Bisi Ogunlade – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Bisi Ogunlade is the visionary founder of Cityworks. Groomed in the art of business early in life, Bisi developed an eye and strong acumen for taking advantage of business opportunities by creating value for customers. He’s built businesses across industries including fashion retailing, hospitality and more recently, real estate. He is passionate about enhancing people’s lifestyles. A serial entrepreneur and avid seeker of knowledge, Bisi is an alumnus of the Lagos Business School. Mr. Ogunlade is widely travelled and married with three children.