Silvercrest Park Yaba

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    Silvercrest Park, Yaba

    Silvercrest Park is a gated, premium residential mini-estate situated in the Yaba axis of the Lagos. Strategically tucked in the heart of Yaba, the estate is built to exquisite taste and targeted at discerning clients seeking a safe, comfortable and functional living environment on the Lagos mainland.

    With only 15 units of terrace houses and an additional block of flats, Silvercrest Park Yaba boasts standard and lifestyle amenities including;
    1. A dedicated transformer
    2. Constant availability of portable water
    3. 24-hour security watch (Security operatives)
    4. Ample parking space
    5. Professionally equipped gymnasium (Imagery: Show people in a gym)
    6. Kiddies playground
    7. Stand-by generators
    8. Installed Inverters in all units
    9. Remote controlled inner gates
    10. An estate office

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    Silvercrest Park, Yaba II

    Silvercrest Park Yaba II is an extension of the initial Silvercrest Park. It features premium finished blocks of flats with top exquisite interiors.